Ash (Hive Trilogy Book #1) Review

I read this book on January 25th – 27th. My initial review on Goodreads was a little more negative, but as I’ve thought it over, maybe I was a little too harsh. See Full Goodreads Review Here, or visit my Goodread Profile Here.

Book: Ash (Hive Trilogy Book #1)
Author: Jaymin Eve, Leia Stone
Number of Books in Series: 1 Published
Publisher: Amazon Kindle, Create Space Independent Publishing Platform
Published Date: December 15th, 2015
Number of Pages: 214

The novel starts with Charlie Bennet, a Vampire / Ash hating human female, who turns out to be not-so-human after all. So if she’s not human, what is she? She’s an Ash. A half vampire, half human offspring. They have super stamina, less appetite (For food anyways), trigger-happy anger outbursts, unquenchable thirst (and I’m not talking about water…), and unparalleled beauty. The only problem? They are ALL male. So what’s up with Charlie, the Independent, Confident, and DEFINITELY female, protagonist.
That’s the confusing part.

This self-proclaimed “Unicorn” is the first ever female Ash – and everyone wants to know why.

Other than trying to find out who she is and where she comes from, drama unfolds with the entrance of the dark and intriguing Rhyder, Head-Enforcer of the Ash Community. Typical romance conflicts arise, and blah, blah blah, she crushes on someone she can’t have.

So to be accepted into the Ash community, a fortified structure known as the Hive, she must go through a culling, which is supposed to limit the number of people with the community. This culling is similar to that of the Hunger Games, in which all but a few die. As you can see, its a very happy story. *Heavy sarcasm*

Things I LIKE about this Book:
~ May Contain Spoilers ~

  1. Charlie’s Independence
  2. Rhyder’s Sex appeal
  3. Charlie’s GBF (Spoiler???)
  4. The Culling!!! ~ It quenched my bloodlust in books (yes, that’s a real thing. For me anyways). I honestly needed some good blood & gore scenes.

>Things I DIDN’T LIKE about this Book:
~ May Contain Spoilers ~

  1. I Don’t understand Charlie’s strong dislike of Ash in the beginning of the book. There’s no foundation for hating them from her POV. She just does.
  2. Charlie’s friend is so… obsessed. She’s too “vampire Clingy”.
  3. Lucas. I don’t understand his role yet in the series. More information to come…
  4. The attack @ the Hive. (DEFINITELY A SPOILER) I felt it had a large build up of emotions and then it ended so quickly.

All in all, the writing was good. I felt as though the romance was lacking. Emotions tended to be more stated and less felt. The ending seemed rushed.
My Rating: 3.5 / 5 Stars…

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liked it

Hmm Honestly probably 3.5/5 Stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Loved the action. Felt as though the romance was a little weak. Overall a pretty good book. Would definitely recommend just for the action scenes. But I also felt as if the pain wasn’t very …

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