UtopiaCon – Summer of 2016

What a whirlwind of excitement! Books, books, books galore. After almost 3 months of summer vacation filled with trips, I’m finally home in the sunny Fl. Yes it’s hot as hell, and yes you can cook bacon on the sidewalk, but it’s home. Traveling about 12 hours each way, I made it all the way to Nashville, Tennessee. This is where I spent 5 days at the Maxwell House Hotel, attending UtopiaCon! As this was my first ever time at a book convention, I was both nervous and excited. Some of my favorite authors would be there and I would get to meet them! About 4 years ago I had met a small group of authors at a local library in TN and got some signed books from them. This was the first time writing really caught my interest, even though I’ve always been an avid book reader. This year, many of those authors also attended UtopiaCon, So it was nice to see them again and learn about their new books, as well a meet new authors and feed my book addiction. (Drugs are bad, books are good. I mean, you can’t even overdose!)


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