The Dystopian Society Trend

In recent years, it seems that the dystopian theme has become more prevalent in today’s society.  A dystopian society is the idea of creating a degraded, dysfunctional society, with the end result being “irreversible oblivion”.  It is the opposite of a utopia, which is the idea of a perfect, “ideal society”, and is often grouped with apocalyptic literature, although there are definite differences.  One being that a dystopian society is usually the “calm before the storm”.  It sits on the precipice of a perfect world.  The chaos is barely contained, until one day, the society is pushed over the edge a ruin and anarchy takes over, becoming apocalyptic.

The common thread nowadays is in teen books.  The rise of books like The Hunger Games has brought a huge wave of the like.  More and more books emerge such as the Divergent Series, the Maze Runner series, and the Legend series.  And with these books came movies. In addition, The Giver book made a rebound with its recent movie, reinstating the dystopian theme. Long story short: enjoy the frenzy and ride out the fad.

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– Teenly Things Blogger Brygitt

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