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Hey book lovers,

I don’t know if you guys have looked at my social media pages, but a lot has happened recently!

First and foremost, I’ve upped my #bookstagram game. (i.e) I’ve been working hard to make artistic, vibrant images to represent the books I read. I want the artwork to look just as good on the outside as the story is on the inside. Nothing cheers me up more than seeing a stylish book photo on Instagram, so I want to share the same with all my fellow readers and followers as well. Its always true that the books with the prettiest covers get picked up first, so I want people to notice the books I share, and hopefully decide to read the book for themselves.

By far, my most exciting social media account is my IG (Instagram) page. While it does have lots of book photos, its also my personal page as well, so you get to see the real me and what I’ve been up to lately. Here are a few examples of my IG posts:


I am currently finishing up “Here Be Sexist Vampires” by Suzanne Wright. This is not a YA novel, however I strive to review all of the books I read. I will most likely post a small review of this book on this blog, along with a link to the full review on Goodreads after the current review list is finished. You can find the order of upcoming reviews  here: Upcoming Book Reviews. The book reviews for  “Velvet” and “The Vampire Dimitri” have already been posted. I am currently reviewing “Lucky Number 4” by Amanda Jason. The review for this book will be published tomorrow (10/7/16).

The next book I plan on reading is “Much of Madness” by  S.E. Summa. I met this author back in June at the UtopiaCon book convention and had the luck of winning an Ecopy of her book just recently. She has also offered me an author interview with her as soon as I finish the book, so stay tuned for an author Q&A!

*PS. If you have any questions you would like me to ask the author, message me in the comment section below or via any of my social media!*

Thank You and Congrats…

Impact - Tara BenhamI would like to give a shout out to author Tara Benham for her newly released book. “Impact” is the second book in her Soul Collectors Series and was published on September 29th. I participated in her online FB book release party and had the opportunity to win 5 books! I won her newest release, as well as the first book in the series, “Falling”. She, along with a bunch of other authors, gave away books and I also received E book copies of “The Evolved” by K.T. Webb, “Regress” by S.F. Benson, and of course, “Much of Madness” by S.E. Summa. Thanks again and I can’t wait to read all of them.

*Links to author websites are available by clicking on their name*

Bought Books

In case you missed it, here is a glimpse at my recently purchased and received books. You can expect reviews of these books in the future, though I haven’t created a specific order. These books include the ones I’ve won in the giveaway mentioned above.

Book Buys September

These featured books include:

The Evolved (The New Era Saga Book 1)
Much of Madness (The Conexus Chronicles) (Volume 1)
Catch You (Love Me, I’m Famous Book 0)
Falling (The Soul Collectors Series) (Volume 1)
The Dreamer: The Dreamland Series Book I (Volume 1)
Impact (The Soul Collectors Series) (Volume 2)
Regress (The Alliance Chronicles Book 1)
Touched – The Caress of Fate (Volume 1)
The Fall of Arcadia: An Arcadian Wars Novella

*If you would like to learn more about these books or purchase a copy for yourself, the links above are direct links to the book profiles on Amazon*

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