Velvet by Temple West ~ Book Review

Book: Velvet
Author: Temple West *Website*
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance (Vampire)
Number of Books in Series: 1 Published
Published Date: October 31, 2014
Number of Pages: 285
ISBN: 9781517093266

A Brief Summary: 

Caitlin Holte, a seventeen year old girl who is recently orphaned, has moved in with her estranged aunt and family in the middle of Nowheresville. As much as she hates it there, the only good thing is the sexy neighbor, who just so happens to not be human. He's a drop-dead-gorgeous half-demon vampire.(Did I mention he's hot?) Adrian is fine flying solo, until of course, his evil demonic father, who is currently trapped in hell, starts craving lil' innocent Caitlin. Being the chivalrous type, Adrian decides to be her bodyguard. The catch? He also has to pretend to date her.

My Rating – ★★★★☆

My interest in this book began with the simple elegant cover. It was illusive and mysterious while at the same time it drew me in. I knew it had  to be some kind of paranormal type book, but when I read the back cover, I knew I had to have it.

Caitlin’s initial interaction with Adrian was unconventional and that immediately grabbed my interest.  As a character, I find Adrian to be more unique to the typical doom and gloom vampire type. Actually, upon reading the school’s gossip about him, I almost laughed out loud at the unexpectedness of it. (No spoilers, but the book is worth reading just for the comedic aspect)

Caitlin seems to be the typical good girl trying to get out of her shell. She stumbles upon this bad-boy type and is almost immediately enamored. This part might have been a little cliché but this is typical across YA vampire books. The part that does irk me is that the title of bad-boy doesn’t really fit Adrian’s description. Adrian seems to caring and sensitive to Caitlin’s emotions to even come remotely close to the bad-boy type.

In that aspect, that is one of the reasons I gave this book a 4/5 stars. On my original Goodreads rating I gave it 5/5 but as the summary is a little skewed, I had to lower the rating. The only other problem I had with the book is that it honestly seemed to0 short. Maybe it was the fact that the climax of the book seemed a little rushed, but I felt like the story ended abruptly. I understand the idea of a cliffhanger, however the ending left a little to be desired.

Overall the book was well written and it had some really cute scenes as well as a few hints a proactive teen romance, but in a well-balanced way that wasn’t above age recommendation. My overall favorite parts were definitely the snarky back-and-forth arguments between Caitlin and Adrian.

My Favorite Quote, which hints at the adorable humor within the book:

If you found this book interesting and would like to purchase a copy for yourself:

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