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Hi there,

If you’ve been on my blog since my last post, you’ll probably notice it looks a lot different. If you’re new to this blog, just know the website is even better than it was before. I decided I wanted a fresh look after my summer hiatus, so I spent hours looking for a new blog template theme that fit the needs of this blog. I wanted a simple one column theme that kept an up-to-date home page (Non Static). I kept the same color theme, so the overall feel is the same.

The problem with the last theme was that it was about 2-3 year outdated with no updates, and it was not compatible with the new WordPress updates. This new theme has all of the new accessibility updates of the new WordPress and is a refreshing change without being too overwhelming.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be going through a fixing some of the glitches and mishaps that carried over from the old blog format (A lot of the photos are misshapen and pixelated) . Don’t worry, the blog won’t be down, and will automatically update while I make the changes.

Please look around and explore this site and my previous blog posts. If you like the new blog, or have an critiques or suggestions, please tell me in the comment section of this post, or on any of my social media. I love to hear honest feedback, and strive to make this blog more enjoyable. As always, thanks for taking the time to read, and I hope you stop by again!
~Brygitt Pfaff, Book Blogger
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