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Fire Girl: A Tale of Witches and Wolves by Andy Mulberry ~ Review

My thoughts –

I read this book from April 28th – May 2nd via Bluegrass Press (Pikko’s House) on Netgalley. I did run into a few technical difficulties and glitches, which I’ve informed the publisher about. Over all, this book was well written. I thought the plot was simple and easy to follow. It was semi-predictable. I was disappointed that the story ended up being anticlimactic. The characters (Samantha & Daniel) seemed to be in denial throughout the entire book, which really puts a damper on the passion aspect of the relationship. I was also confused about the supporting characters. I didn’t understand that Ally, Sam’s sister, was actually older than her until later in the book. I think she seemed a little immature and too trusting, so she seemed younger. Also, I was perplexed about the role of Nate, the uncle, in the fact that his entire job of the book was to further the plot but to not really interact.


**I received a free copy via Net Galley for an honest review.**

Book: Fire Girl: A Tale of Witches ad Wolves Book #1
Author: Andy Mulberry
Number of Books in Series: 1 Published
Publisher: Bluegrass Press
Published Date: April 28, 2016
Number of Pages: 252


My Synopsis –

Samantha is witch. She doesn’t know it at first, and after she finds out, she absolutely doesn’t believe it.

Daniel is werewolf. Being a loner, he doesn’t need anyone depending on him.

But of coarse, Sam’s witchy mom makes everything a lot more complicated by placing a bond between them. Daniel is now under oath to care for and protect Samantha, and she wants nothing to do with him, her dead mother, or the giant inheritance she’ll receive from her dead mother.

So continues this YA supernatural romance with a bunch of romantic spats, colorful outbursts, and insightfully artistic insults (My fave).


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Everealm by J.D. Wright

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