Reading Updates

Whew these last few books have flown by. If anybody checks my Goodreads updates, you know I’ve read 9 books in the last month (since Oct. 12).  My Goodreads goal this year is to read 50 books. I am tireless in my pursuit of conquering this goal and yet I fear I might not make it.

Wow I sound so melodramatic 😆. Okay, so it’s not that serious, but I have been hard at work and am happy to proclaim that I have read 42 books this year! That’s 84% of my goal. (Whoop Whoop!)  My other goal includes posting 15 reviews on this blog. So far I’ve had 13 book reviewish related posts.

Now for the bad news… I am WAY behind on my book reviews (Sorry). I just happen to read faster than I review, especially if I’m reading a series. Not to mention my full time college schedule (Uggh). Don’t worry though, I promise I will update more often this coming year and even starting this month (or whats left of it anyways).

Okay, so here is a short overview of what I’ve been doing/reading this last month(ish):

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Lucky Number Four by Amanda Jason ~ Book Review

Book: Lucky Number Four
Author: Amanda Jason *Website*
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance *Mild Adult Content*
Publisher: C.A. Kunz LLC
Number of Books in Series: 1 Published
Published Date: January 4, 2014 (The 4th… get it)
Number of Pages: 369
ISBN: 9781494783822
Synopsis: There is nothing normal about Pandora's life. Her family, her friends, oh- and definitely not her 3 new, male model roommates. They are gorgeous and sinfully sexy, so how is she going to manage living with them? This cute, dramatic, and hear-wrenching novel will definitely leave you wanting more!

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Updates and Books I’ve Bought

Hey book lovers,

I don’t know if you guys have looked at my social media pages, but a lot has happened recently!

First and foremost, I’ve upped my #bookstagram game. (i.e) I’ve been working hard to make artistic, vibrant images to represent the books I read. I want the artwork to look just as good on the outside as the story is on the inside. Nothing cheers me up more than seeing a stylish book photo on Instagram, so I want to share the same with all my fellow readers and followers as well. Its always true that the books with the prettiest covers get picked up first, so I want people to notice the books I share, and hopefully decide to read the book for themselves.

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The Vampire Dimitri by Colleen Gleason ~ Mini Book Review

Book: The Vampire Dimitri
Author: Colleen Gleason *Website*
Genre: Historical Paranormal Romance (Vampire) ~Adult Content~
Number of Books in Series: 3 Published
Series:A Book of the Regency Draculia (Book 2)
Published Date: July 19, 2014
Number of Pages: 306
ISBN-13: 9780778329824

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Velvet by Temple West ~ Book Review

Book: Velvet
Author: Temple West *Website*
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance (Vampire)
Number of Books in Series: 1 Published
Published Date: October 31, 2014
Number of Pages: 285
ISBN: 9781517093266

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Upcoming Book Reviews

As my summer off school came to a close at the end of last month, I find myself with quite a few books to review. I spent way too much reading (there is no such thing) and not enough time reviewing them, so here is a list of book reviews you can look forward to:

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  1. Velvet – Temple West
  2. The Vampire Dimitri – Colleen Gleason
  3.  Lucky Number Four – Amanda Jason
  4.  Rule – Jay Crownover
  5.  Recreated – Colleen Houck
  6. A Court of Mist and Fury – Sarah J. Maas
  7. Breeder – Casey Hayes
  8. Third Daughter – Susan Kaye Quinn
*Books appear in order read and the order they will be reviewed*

Blog Updates

Hi there,

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